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Our aim is to map the green spaces and initiatives around UCL as well as highlight sites that have the potential to become new green havens of herbal and edible resources.​

The first stage of our mapping initiate is to join with iNaturalistUK's Citizen Science project which allows anyone to record encounters with organisms, connect with experts who can identify organisms and build knowledge about the natural world. 

We have created our own Edible College London project for you to add to here.

Just sign up to iNaturalist, become a member of the Edible College London project and tag your observations to our map!


We will be holding a number of Bioblitz events throughout the year, inviting you to find and record as many organisms as you can around UCL's campus. 

We will also be holding participatory mapping workshops throughout the year, inviting you to join us in creatively mapping our campus and prototyping ideas for developing UCL's edible potential

We hope our maps will provide a foundation for the inspiration, planning and collaborative development of new projects that capitalise on the edible potential of the campus and grounds.

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